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Submitted by: Barun Tarun

Ditch The Razor, The Wax And The Goop

Painful waxing experiences with wax, smelly creams and irritating stubble are one of the most annoying parts of being a well-maintained woman. We put ourselves through quite an ordeal to present smooth, attractive and radiant skin. Laser hair removal provides the newest and greatest option for permanent hairless and smooth skin.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

A laser hair removal treatment uses a combination of heat and energy to quickly heat the hair follicle and destroy its ability to grow. Once the hair follicle is dead the hair will never grow back. The surrounding skin is left undamaged, although patients with sensitive skin will often experience slight irritation and redness for a few days. Afterwards the hair will fall out naturally over the course of a week or two. After the full series of treatments many patients will remain hair free for life. The time patients save over the course of the next several months will be enough to reaffirm that they made an excellent decision.

How Long Does It Take?

At our clinic in Carlsbad laser hair removal involves a series of treatments created to address individual hairs as they appear throughout different cycles. Your body has millions of follicles and at any given time only a fraction of those have are active, with a hair penetrating the skin and visible. This is why sessions are spaced out in intervals, because hairs that have penetrated the skin absorb the heat of the laser the best to destroy the follicle.

For optimal results it is recommended that you allow the hair to grow for several weeks before you appointment and refrain from waxing as recommended by your provider. You may also be advised to refrain from the use of any lotions, creams and harsh chemicals prior to your treatment. You will be given instructions prior to your first session by calling in or attending a consultation. Most patients achieve the best results with a minimum of 6 treatments spaced 4-10 weeks apart. This allows the follicles that were dormant to grow hairs that are more efficiently treated by the laser. Each patients physiology is different. Based on your skin pigmentation, the color and thickness of your hairs, your provider will recommend a laser and a treatment that will be able to best address your hair type.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

One of the main concerns of many patients before their first treatment is how painful it will be. People hear that the laser is very painful and there are a number of reports that claim laser hair removal is very painful indeed. However, if you can tolerate waxing you will be able to tolerate laser hair removal treatments. Patients describe the sensation of the laser as a hot pinch, something like the snap of a rubber band. The sensation goes away immediately and most patients do not require any sort of painkiller. For patients with sensitive skin, our Carlsbad Laser Away location offers topical painkillers that can be applied before the treatment and can reduce the sensation to a level that is easily manageable for nearly anyone.

Contact your local Carlsbad Laser Away clinic for a laser hair removal consultation. They will be able to observe your specific skin and hair type in person and determine what type of results you can realistically expect.

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Submitted by: Pichet Rodchareon

Rhinoplasty can help change unwanted characteristics of your nose and change the look of your entire face.

The nose is the center of a person’s face, and therefore it acts as the most prominent attention-grabber when people look at you. A beautifully shaped nose can help create overall facial harmony and better appearance for a person, as well as change the entire look of the face. Unfortunately, some people, especially Asian people, are born with flat nose. But still fortunately, they do not necessarily have to get stuck with it for life.

Rhinoplasty, also commonly known as a “nose job”, has been introduced more than a hundred years ago. Rhinoplasty is a nose-reshaping surgery that helps correct deformities or makes subtle aesthetic changes for cosmetic purposes. In most cases of rhinoplasty performed on Asian patients, the bridge of the nose is raised and narrowed and the nasal width at the nose-cheek junction narrowed. It is precise surgery in which the margin of error is measured in millimeters, thus the surgeon must have a full knowledge of nasal anatomy and the basic principle of surgical procedures.

The most common nasal augmentation rhinoplasty is by inserting fabricated silicone implant which comes in three textures: hard medium and soft. The silicone for the nose is the solid silicone with Hydroxyapatite which is the artificial bone to help adherence to the natural bone. Incisions are made inside the nostrils. In some cases, the surgeon may shape a small piece of the patient’s own cartilage or bone to strengthen or increase the structure of the nose.

There are two major ways to perform a rhinoplasty: the closed and the open techniques. The open technique includes an incision across the colummella, the small skin between the two nostrils. One major advantage of this technique is the ability to completely visualize the internal structures of the nose, and place sutures precisely where they may be required. With this type of rhinoplasty, the swelling takes significantly longer to subside and some of the tissues may be unnecessarily disrupted. The scar is most often quite small and fades rapidly. The closed technique does not require an external incision, heals more quickly and does not disturb the tissues as much as the open technique.

Rhinoplasty should wait until after the teenage growth period that occurs in the mid-teens. This growth period normally occurs from ages 14 to 15 for girls and somewhat later for boys and your nose is generally fully developed by the age of 16. Once you are done with the growth spurt of puberty – which is when you stop getting taller – it is fine to have a rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty can be performed as a day case, which means that you can have the operation and go home the same day. Pain, bruises and some swellings are expected after the procedure and there might be some minor bleeding for a day or two. Alloplastic synthetic materials are sometimes associated with long-term complications such as migration and extrusion. The swelling, which will reside mostly around the eyes and the nose itself, will be very noticeable at first, but will begin to subside around the third day and should be largely gone within two weeks. Some minor swelling will remain for up to six months afterwards, and the final, long-term rhinoplasty results can be evaluated and enjoyed about a year after the surgery.

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