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Submitted by: Delia R. Johnson

In order to progress in the IT industry it is very crucial as to how many skills do you possess and what your overall experience is. Getting certified in the IT’s best exams can get you better job prospects.

The FC0-U41 Self Study Guides CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals commercial version of certification exam is planned and structured in order to show that the victorious applicant has a certain set of skills that others do not possess. It shows that the individual can recognize/prevent basic security risks and identify basic compatibility issues, conduct basic software installation, setup a basic PC workstation and knowledge to explain and identify PC components. In addition, this test will evaluate the applicant’s knowledge in the anticipatory preservation of computers and green IT. This FC0-U41 Particular Test is deliberated for the applicants that superior home users and want to pursuit a certification in CompTIA A+.

The CompTIA Strata FC0-U41 Certification program was primarily planned and prepared for the individuals that are new to the industry of information technology. This exam majorly focuses on the fundamental understanding of technology. The exam meets all the obligations stated by the CompTIA. Hence, at the end of this course of FC0-U41 Training you will productively and effectively understand the objectives stated as follows. Those objects are, Preventative Maintenance, Functions Security Green IT, Common Errors Software mechanism, Computer Hardware Basic Compatibility issues and Technology.

Following are division of subjects as per the percentage they carry in this exam: 01. FC0-U41 Questions focused on anticipatory protection and Green IT of about 20%. 02. Questions focused on Security of about 16%. 03. Software Installation and Functions of about 11%. 04. Common Errors and Compatibility issues of about 13%. 05. FC0-U41 Questions focused on Computer Hardware basics and technology of about 40%.

What Are The Skills Measured In The Exam??

YouTube Preview Image

The primary skills that are measured in this exam are as follows: Prevention and security, functioning and software installation, rectifying common errors and compatibility issues as well as computer hardware basics.

Role Of The Certified Candidate:

The candidate who gets certified in this exam can perform the following mentioned roles in environments of information technology. Entry level customer support, marketing or product specialist, business development manager, account manager, sales engineer or sales associates. The FC0-U41 Certification is ideal for the students and professionals preparing to change their professional career in information technology related field or for people who are newly entering the IT workforce.

Benefits Of This Course:

You can begin to upgrade, disassemble and assemble notebook, as well as PC components. You can FC0-U41 Learning Material the techniques to configure and install the Microsoft operating systems. You can easily identify the characteristic and types of output and input devices, storage and memory, CPU, motherboard as well as other components of the PC. Also, this certificate can be your first step to getting higher certifications in the CompTIA A+.

The FC0-U41 Self Study Guides CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals commercial version of certification exam is planned and structured in order to show that the victorious applicant has a certain set of skills that others do not possess. It shows that the individual can recognize/prevent basic security risks and identify basic compatibility issues, conduct basic software installation, setup a basic PC workstation and knowledge to explain and identify PC components. In addition, this test will evaluate the applicant’s knowledge in the anticipatory preservation of computers and green IT. This FC0-U41 Particular Test is deliberated for the applicants that superior home users and want to pursuit a certification in CompTIA A+.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The International Energy Agency (IEA) issued a warning that the World faces an insecure, dirty and expensive future unless the rate of investment in energy supplies is increased substantially.

In real terms, investment in oil and gas production has not increased significantly in the last five years, but demand has continued to rise. This has been despite oil and gas prices of between four and five times the 2002 levels. If no action is taken, demand will increase by over 50% between 2006 and 2030.

Coal is now cheaper than gas and nuclear is cheaper than both, in some cases even ignoring carbon tax effects. The continued rise in energy prices should make investment on the supply side more attractive.

These are among the findings of the “World Energy Outlook – 2006” report by IEA published this week in London.

Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday November 7, 2006, IEA Executive Director Claude Mandil said “WEO 2006 identifies under-investment in new energy supply as a real risk.” He said “We don’t see how we can avoid [nuclear power] if we want a sustainable long-term future.”

To secure the supply/demand position, IEA calls for investment in energy-supply infrastructure of over $20 trillion in real terms over 2005-2030 to ensure that the World moves into a “Cleaner, Cleverer and More Competitive Energy Future.”

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? August 1, 2010
August 3, 2010 ?
August 2

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? July 13, 2010
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July 14

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Submitted by: Hunter Craig

Foreclosure investing involves a lot more than picking up a house for a below market price at an auction and then turning around to sell it for an amazing profit. Foreclosure is a long process, as is real estate, and both are bound by laws and tax regulations that you need to follow. Before you invest in an expensive how-to program or ebook, keep reading to learn the basics of what you need to know for investing in foreclosure properties.

Why Foreclosure Investing is a Good Buy

Because most banks are only looking to regain the value of the home’s unpaid mortgage, foreclosure investors can often obtain a property for about 70 to 90 percent of its true market value.

And, thanks to today’s still low interest rates, the cost of carrying that property is low. This means if you can hang on to a property for five to fifteen years you can actually double your money, depending on the market. And if you have tenants residing in the property, you can earn even more.

It Takes Capital

YouTube Preview Image

Typically, real estate isn’t considered a quickie investment, and your capital can be tied up for a long time. A down payment on a home can’t always be taken out and withdrawn in the case of a financial emergency or the need for quick cash.

That capital could also be used for other investments. For example, let’s say you invest $20,000 into a home that winds up not appreciating at the 8 percent annual rate you hoped it would. Instead, it depreciates and then eventually appreciates at a low 4 percent rate. That $20,000 could have made more by investing it wisely in a diversified investment portfolio.

Ask For a Warranty Deed

Do your homework about potential tax liens or outstanding building code violations on the property. A warranty deed will ensure you’re buying a property with a clear title.

Understand Redemption Period Laws

Many states have what’s called a “redemption period” that allows the previous owner to clear his or her debt and then take back the home for a period of time that continues even after the foreclosure is completed.

Buy a Vacant Home

Typically, the bank or lender will evict the previous tenants before the house is sold at foreclosure auction. If, however, you buy a home where the previous owners are still living in the property, you will need to take on the long, arduous, expensive and emotionally-taxing eviction process. It’s hard and unpleasant, so unless the opportunity is especially appealing, look for a home that’s already vacant.

Hire Professionals, Not Late Night TV Gurus

Don’t spend your money on useless “how to” audio books and videos that are little more than sales tools for another product that claims to teach you how to do foreclosure investing.

Instead, commit your resources to a good real estate agent, a quality real estate attorney and a recommended and thorough home inspector. Most foreclosure investment homes are sold in what’s called “as is” condition, meaning the seller makes no guarantees about the condition of the property. This is why you need a fantastic home inspector to let you know if you’re walking into any major potential problems or expenses.

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, and many more!


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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

David McGruer is running for the Freedom Party of Ontario in the Ontario provincial election, in the Ottawa-Orleans riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed him regarding his values, his experience, and his campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

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By Morgan F Turley

Before seeking massage treatments for a pulled or strained hamstring, its important to understand what exactly happens during this type of injury and how to identify it. A pulled or strained hamstring is often referred to as a tear somewhere in the three muscles of the hamstring.

The hamstring muscles assist you in knee flexion and allowing you to move your thigh backwards at the hip. Injuries to the hamstring are common among runners (especially those who do hurdle jumping or sprinting), as well as those who play football.

If you experience a hamstring injury, youll be able to instantly recognize it by the sudden sharp pain youll feel at the back of the leg during the activity youre participating in. When you go to stretch this muscle, there will be pain in both the stretching of it, as well as the contracting of it. There are various levels of severity for hamstring injuries, and fortunately the majority of them can be remedied through a combination of diligent self-help and specialized sports massage targeted towards this area.

YouTube Preview Image

Immediately following a hamstring injury, you must begin active involvement in treating the area. The first 48-hours are crucial, and this is the time where you must treat the injury yourself before even seeking out a massage therapist. Begin your treatment by using cold therapy. This involves the RICE technique, which addresses resting the area, icing it, compressing it, and then elevating it. A compression bandage may be used to keep any intra muscular bleeding to a minimum. Although you do not want to bring further injury to the hamstring, you should do some minimal stretching and strengthening exercises to keep the area from further swelling.

Once you have personally addressed the issue correctly for the first 48-hours, you should seek out a sports injury specialist who can provide you with massage care coupled with ultrasound and other treatments, depending on the severity of your injury.

Sports massage techniques are a crucial part of your hamstring injury rehab program. Massage will speed up your recovery as it keeps scar tissue creation to a minimum. This is down by breaking down the new collagen network forming as a result of the injury and ensures that muscle fiber realignment is done correctly. This massage therapy will also ensure that blood flow in the injured hamstring area is increased, making sure that circulation is even. Ultrasound is often utilized by the massage therapist, along with the specialized massage techniques. This stimulates muscle fibers and encourages the reconnection.

While the majority of hamstring injuries can be treated exclusively with a massage therapy program coupled with at-home stretches done on a daily basis, do not be alarmed if you do get referred to a conventional medical doctor to ensure no muscle ruptures occurred during the injury. A massage therapist who suspects that the injury is beyond their scope of practice will refer you out immediately for a consult and potential MRI. You may end up being referred back to the therapist if its discovered there is no surgical intervention necessary. Massage therapy is so beneficial for hamstring tears as it not only assists greatly in bringing you back to normal functioning, but also strengthens the area to prevent further injury.

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supplies provider. They carry products such as

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, as well as many other accessories for hot and cold stone therapy.


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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

With the IPC Athletics World Championships scheduled to start this Friday, Wikinews interviewed Spanish T12 classified long distance runner Alberto Suárez Laso at Madrid–Barajas Airport Monday before he departed for Lyon, France. Suárez is scheduled to compete in two events, the T12 5,000 meters and marathon events.

((Wikinews)) Hi this is Laura Hale. I’m interviewing Alberto Suárez, who is a visually-impaired runner competing for Spain in the IPC World Championships. What events are you doing? ((es)) Spanish language: ¿En qué eventos estás?

Alberto Suárez Laso : Marathon and 5000m.

((es)) Spanish language: Maratón y 5000m.

((WN)) You have a World Record? Are you going to smash it and give Spain a gold medal? ((es)) Spanish language: ¿Vas a romper el record mundial y darle a España un oro?

Alberto Suárez Laso: This time it’s a bit complicated because I’m going a bit injured.

((es)) Spanish language: Esta vez está un poco complicado porque voy un poco lesionado

((WN)) Ah. You finished second in London [the 2012 Summer Paralympics]? ((es)) Spanish language: ¿Terminaste segundo en Londres?

Alberto Suárez Laso : I finished first.

((WN)) The injury has impacted you training? ((es)) Spanish language: ¿La lesión ha perjudicado tu entrenamiento?

Alberto Suárez Laso : For the last three weeks I’ve been doing gym and walking machine only. I have pain in my Achilles tendon.

((es)) Spanish language: Llevo tres semanas solo con gimnasio y elíptica. Tengo dolor en el tendón de Aquiles.

((WN)) So, as someone who writes from an international perspective, do you think Spain’s got all that stuff to help you properly? The medical support, stuff to help you recuperate and be a great runner?

Alberto Suárez Laso : I hope so. We’re there, they’ve been treating me very well and I hope to be able to run without pain, which is the most important thing. I’ve got the training, but I need to remove that pain.

((es)) Spanish language: Espero que sí. Estamos ahí, me están tratando bastante bien y espero correr sin dolor, que es lo fundamental. La preparación la tengo, pero hay que quitar ese dolor.

((WN)) Do you run with a guide?

Alberto Suárez Laso : No.

((WN)) Okay, so are you T-13?

Alberto Suárez Laso : T-12.

((WN)) Oh. So it’s optional for a guy at T-12?

Translator : He could, but he’s not too badly impaired. He can run by himself.

((WN)) So is your preference to run without a guide?

Alberto Suárez Laso : It’s complicated because of the pace I run at. I would require several guides, and it’s hard to find them.

((es)) Spanish language: Es una complicación por el ritmo al que corro. Necesitaría varios guías y es dificil conseguirlos.

((WN)) Do most of your competitors run with guides?

Alberto Suárez Laso : Not among the first ones. Well, there are a couple that do run with guides, but the rest don’t.

((es)) Spanish language: Los primeros no. Bueno, hay un par de ellos que corren con guía, los demás no.

((WN)) Is there anything you would like to say about this competition coming up that people from an international sporting community would find valuable to know?

Alberto Suárez Laso : Mm, I don’t know what to say!

((WN)) Okay. Thank you very much! ((es)) Spanish language: ¡Muchas gracias!

Alberto Suárez Laso : You’re welcome!

((es)) Spanish language: De nada.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Last week, RAF Leuchars in Fife scambled two Tornado F3 interceptors, when radar detected two Tupolev Tu-142 Bear Bombers and the alarm was sounded “Bears in the Air”.

The RAF would not disclose the exact time of the incident, which was to the north of the Outer Hebrides. It did say that no contact was made between the aircraft.

The Russian Bear Foxtrot bombers are renowned maritime raiders that regularly probed the United Kingdom’s airspace during the Cold War.

The Russian aircraft were snooping on Neptune Warrior, a Royal Navy exercise taking place near the Outer Hebrides last week. Neptune Warrior was a live-fire naval training exercise involving warships, submarines and aircraft that took place between April 22 and May 3.

The Russians obviously thought it might be worth coming to have a look at what we were up to and probably take some photos. It’s a throwback to the Cold War when they used to fly in regularly to poke and prod at the edges of British airspace and test our reaction times. It’s normal to let such aircraft know we’re there by pulling up alongside them and they left quietly. The whole encounter probably lasted 20 minutes.

The Tornado’s watched the Russians for approximately 15 minutes until the bombers returned to their home base in Murmansk.

This aircraft dates back to the 1950s and although the air frame might look dated it is still highly effective in terms of long-range maritime reconnaissance. These used to fly over the North Sea and the Greenland Gap daily during the Cold War and, while rare today, it’s by no means a unique occurrence. It’s nice to know the Russians are out and about again. The exercise was in international waters and the Russians have got just as much right to be there as we have. We do it to them, they do it to us. All the RAF is doing is telling them: We could do this for real if we wanted to, so go and tell your mates back home.’

During the Cold War in the 1970s and 1980s, Soviet spies were sometimes spotted watching from the perimeter of RAF stations to time exactly how long it took jets to take off and intercept Bear bombers, probing the United Kingdom’s defences and testing the response. Nato pilots in those days were well accustomed to an almost daily aerial game of cat-and-mouse.

Squadrons of Phantom interceptors were on constant quick-reaction standby through the 1970s and 1980s to deal with the threat of Soviet long-range bombers engaging in a long-range attack on Great Britain. The Bears can carry an arsenal of missiles, some nuclear-tipped, to strike NATO warships blocking the entrance to the vital North Atlantic sealanes between the United States and Europe.

In July, the Tornado will be replaced by the new Eurofighter Typhoon. Currently, RAF personnel on scrambling duty spend most of their time on counter-terrorist missions, checking out commercial airliners approaching Britain in ways that arouse suspicion, either because they have taken the wrong flight path or because the pilot has not contacted ground control.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Russian and Chinese armed forces began their first ever joint military exercises since the Korean War, when Russia was still part of the Soviet Union, on Thursday. The exercises are expected to last for eight days.

10,000 troops — about 1800 Russians, the rest Chinese — are participating in the war games. The exercises simulate United Nations-mandated police action to restore order in a fictitious country torn by ethnic unrest. They began in the eastern Russian port-city of Vladivostok and are supposed to culminate in a mock invasion involving beach landings and paratrooper drops off the coast of the Jiaodong peninsula in eastern China.

Russian and Chinese officials have framed the exercises as promoting international cooperation, but some in the US and elsewhere see the exercises as preparation for a possible future invasion of Taiwan, and as a challenge to US dominance in Asia — particularly in Afghanistan. The exercises come amid increasing speculation in the US that China may come to replace the US as the world’s greatest superpower.

Russia and China are working together to help form of a world order that will be based on multipolarity, respect for international law, and a leading role for the UN, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Alexeyev said on Monday, August 15, 2005.[1]

“The exercise will be carried out in the framework of the fight against international terrorism and extremism, to respond to new threats and challenges,” said Liang Guanglie, chief of staff of China’s armed forces.[2]

But others citing the use in the operation of advanced aircraft atypical of a peacekeeping operation, say the countries have ulterior motives. “The main target is the US. Both sides want to improve their position for bargaining in terms of security, politics and economics,” said Jin Canrong, professor of international relations at the People’s University of China.[3]

A Taiwanese official quoted by said, China’s involvement in the operations represents “the biggest security threat in the Asiatic-Pacific region.” [4]

However other analysts speculate that Russia’s motivations for using the aircraft, including Tu-95 strategic bombers and Tu-22M long-range bombers, in the exercises may be to promote their sale to the Chinese.

“Military cooperation is linked with political and economic cooperation as part of a bigger package,” said Robert Karniol, Asia-Pacific editor for Jane’s Defence Weekly. “It’s not an adversarial posture.”[5]

Many have noted that the joint exercises are an emblem of increasingly warm relations between China and Russia since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. But writing In an editorial for the International Herald Tribune, Phillip Bowring disagrees, saying that the primary purpose of the operations is as a warning to the US. “The current Russia-China joint military exercises are not so much a symbol of trust and friendship between the two as a symptom of American overstretch. The two are reminding the United States of the limits of its unilateral global power.”[6]

Despite speculation into the motives of Russia and China, the US has given at least token support to the idea that the exercises could promote international interests. “We are following the exercises,” U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said this week. “We expect that they will be conducted in a manner that supports some mutual goal of regional stability shared by the United States, China and Russia.”[7]

Others say the operations are mainly a response to separatism and Islamic extremism in Russian Chechnya and the Chinese Xinjiang.

“The exercises are the logical continuation of the first signs of cooperation between Russia and China in the struggle against ‘orange revolutions,’ separatism and the dominant influence of the U.S. in the Euroasiatic sphere,” the news website wrote Thursday. Orange was the color adopted by supporters of last year’s revolution in Ukraine, which along with mass demonstrations in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan, brough pro-Western administrations to power. [8]

The war games have been called “Peace Mission 2005“.

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